Source. Brand. Distribute.

Whether you need uniforms, giveaways, event merchandise, signage, premiums, gifts, sales promotion or incentive items to promote your brands, we will filter, source, brand and distribute products from a selection of thousands of items or provide bespoke option if necessary.

We know what's needed to deliver within a budget and time frame - and have been doing it for our customers in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands for over 20 years.




Games and Puzzles
3 metre Jump Rope (SM-7893_BNZ)

3 metre Jump Rope

Ace Hacky Sacks (LL3015_LLNZ)

Ace Hacky Sacks

Amaze Tile Ruler Puzzle (LL891_LLNZ)

Amaze Tile Ruler Puzzle

Bicycle Bell (SM-7845_BNZ)

Bicycle Bell

Bicycle Seat Cover (SM-7847_BNZ)

Bicycle Seat Cover

Calorie Counter Jump Rope (SM-7890_BNZ)

Calorie Counter Jump Rope

Collapsible Insulator (SM-6890_BNZ)

Collapsible Insulator

Dinner`s Ready Cowbell (SM-7679_BNZ)

Dinner`s Ready Cowbell

Dominoes Game (117605_TNZ)

Dominoes Game

Donut Flyer (LL9140_LLNZ)

Donut Flyer

Easy Breezy Mister (SM-7827_BNZ)

Easy Breezy Mister

Fling Thing Folding Flyer (LL2759_LLNZ)

Fling Thing Folding Flyer

Fling Thing Folding Flyer (LN2759_LLNZ)

Fling Thing Folding Flyer

Florida Flyer (SM-7435_BNZ)

Florida Flyer

Frequent Flyer (LL9138_LLNZ)

Frequent Flyer

Go Go Rally Towel (SM-7655_BNZ)

Go Go Rally Towel

Golf Buddy (SM-7952_BNZ)

Golf Buddy

Hand Gripper (1630-41_BNZ)

Hand Gripper

Maxi Mini Fan (SM-7830_BNZ)

Maxi Mini Fan

Mystify Sliding Tile Puzzle (LL808_LLNZ)

Mystify Sliding Tile Puzzle

Nylon Florida Flyer (SM-7439_BNZ)

Nylon Florida Flyer

Pick Up Sticks Game (117604_TNZ)

Pick Up Sticks Game

Puzzle (100555_TNZ)


Puzzle Key Ring (112380_TNZ)

Puzzle Key Ring

Rally Disposable Poncho (SM-9470_BNZ)

Rally Disposable Poncho

Retro Glasses (SM-7823_BNZ)

Retro Glasses

Ring-A-Ling Cowbell (SM-7677_BNZ)

Ring-A-Ling Cowbell

Safety Slap Bracelet (SM-7670_BNZ)

Safety Slap Bracelet

Speed Rope (1630-37_BNZ)

Speed Rope

Sturdy Glasses (SM-7851_BNZ)

Sturdy Glasses

Swirl Beach Ball (SM-7633_BNZ)

Swirl Beach Ball

The Breeze Mini Fan with Cap (SM-7837_BNZ)

The Breeze Mini Fan with Cap

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