Source. Brand. Distribute.

Whether you need uniforms, giveaways, event merchandise, signage, premiums, gifts, sales promotion or incentive items to promote your brands, we will filter, source, brand and distribute products from a selection of thousands of items or provide bespoke option if necessary.

We know what's needed to deliver within a budget and time frame - and have been doing it for our customers in New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Islands for over 20 years.




15cm Mini Ruler (100420_TNZ)

15cm Mini Ruler

30cm Metal Ruler (100739_TNZ)

30cm Metal Ruler

Eco 30cm Ruler (LL19_LLNZ)

Eco 30cm Ruler

Flip Ruler (100422_TNZ)

Flip Ruler

Magnifying Ruler (100418_TNZ)

Magnifying Ruler

Multi-Ruler (100413_TNZ)


Scale Ruler (110787_TNZ)

Scale Ruler

Scale Ruler (TR100_MXM)

Scale Ruler

Transparent 30cm Ruler (LL11_LLNZ)

Transparent 30cm Ruler

White 30cm Ruler (LL12_LLNZ)

White 30cm Ruler

White15cm Ruler (LL14_LLNZ)

White15cm Ruler