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Your biggest fans can be your biggest source of quality leads

Loyal non-sales employees or contacts in your network can be a profitable channel for your business when they collect sales leads during their daily interactions with customers, family, friends and neighbours. Engaging these people in your sales process and rewarding them for lead generation for your company is a cost-effective business strategy.

TLC can help companies use referral and lead generation programs to engage employees and contacts previously not part of the sales process and reduce customer acquisition cost.

Employees, who aren’t in sales, relate to customers differently than traditional sales representatives. They connect at a different level and have different kinds of conversations — customers may divulge more about how they use a product, product improvements they’d like to see or other unmet needs they may have. Employees who pay attention and have a method to capture that data often can offer valuable opportunities to the sales team.

To achieve maximum impact from your referral process, consider the following best practices:
  • avoid a process that is too cumbersome,
  • integrate your process into a flexible and easy-to-use administrative system,
  • ensure steps for lead follow-up are included in your design

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