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Focus on fantastic relationships

Not only do you want to KEEP your sales and vendor partners, but you also want to encourage them to do more. 

Partner loyalty relies on solid relationships with your key vendors, dealers, distributors and resellers. Aligning these critical partners to your objectives and motivating them to support and promote your business becomes one of your greatest opportunities to improve sales and drive ongoing loyalty.

TLC has helped organisations tap into the power of partner loyalty, helping them to overcome many hurdles to greater success by providing a platform that:

  • influences dealers, distributors and resellers to focus on your business goals
  • taps into vendor funded opportunities
  • allows vendor targeted brand promotions and product launches to your channel

In our program design, we help our clients apply these best practices:

Focus on growth-based elements to “own” the vendor or reseller
Use data to establish the right goals and segment your spend accordingly.
Justify vendor investments through tracking and reporting.
Build regional and store-level management support into your strategies.
Recognise the value that communication, events and training can bring to building your brand and motivating your partners.


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